Mission of Pastoral Graffiti

Living a Christian life is more than challenging, in our sound-bite driven world.  I hope to toss you some valuable "thought-bites" to challenge and boost your faith.  With God's power & help, we make it work, by making it real.    About Me.

I have NOTHING to do with any Pop-Up Adds that may appear.

About Me

Hi, I'm Pastor David Stiles of Curryville Church, in Central PA. I've been here since late 2000, which is a pretty long time in the world of Pastors. We've been able to take a small country church and move it into the 21st century, so we are not stuck in 1959, like so many other rural churches.

In addition to being rural, our church is affiliated with a typical dying American denomination.  We have simply chosen to stick with the authority of scripture and the mission of the church.  Thus, we press on.

It would be fair to call me unconventional, but not unorthodox.  I've often been told that one of my gifts is breaking down complicated topics and concepts, so that regular people can understand them.

Being a Pastor is actually a 3rd career for me. I was in Communications (mostly radio) and then Counseling, before making the switch to ministry in the late 90's. My wife & I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in April of 2017. We have 2 adult children.

After Jesus, Family & Ministry, I have a deep love for music. I've been playing the guitar since I was 15. So, once in a while, music may be a topic on my blog. My previous experiences in life give me a very unique take on things. I've worked in "the real world" & I've been a "rock monster." So, when it comes down to life experience, I get it.

Ministry to me needs to be more than "relevant." It also needs to be "real."  If you are talking to me Sunday morning, after church, or Tuesday afternoon in your garage, your experience will be the same.

Theologically, I am a Graceful Conservative. You can see my statement of faith on my church page. May you be blessed by this blog.

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