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Living a Christian life is more than challenging, in our sound-bite driven world.  I hope to toss you some valuable "thought-bites" to challenge and boost your faith.  With God's power & help, we make it work, by making it real.    About Me.

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Books I Really Like

I've been reading this new book from Matt Chandler. It's been quite a while since a book impacted me this much. Chandler looks at things in the Bible that we can be guilty of glossing over and not getting the full impact from.

Here is a fresh look at rural church in America

How did we lose our young people? What do we need to do to stop the exodus with the next generation?

Like most movements, the "Family Integrated Ministry" model has some great ideas and some that are a bit over the top, but the BIG important point is to return the responsibility for children's Biblical education to their parents.

If you have ever asked, "What is wrong with America today, and what can we do about it?" This book does an amazing job of unpacking America's Spiritual, Philosophical & Economic problems. It is also loaded with ideas about what we need to do.


In the whirlwind that is life today, "doing church" is quite challenging. This book helps us uncover ideas for reaching today's people with the timeless gospel message

A great apologetic work that tears down all the lofty arguements that are being made against Jesus & the authenticity of the Bible.

Since, "Who is Jesus" has ended up as a hot topic. Here is a great book that puts it all on the table:

Since the "progressives" are often targeting our younger generations, here is a book to help us better understand the emerging generations:

A familiar problem that many churches face. Interesting ideas here:

Ok, Dan Kimball might be a little "over the top" for some folks, but this is a real thinker:

Evangelism needs an "outside the box," approach, these days. Remaining solid is critical. This book is full of great ideas.

Helping your people become more "engaged" creates a healthier & more effective way to "do church."

If your church is in decline, this book provides challenging ways to change that:

How to minister to the messy people God sends to us:

A Great Read on Focus for effective ministry:

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